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Books From The Bush ~ Mulga Mob Publishing

Here you"ll find books written mainly by people who live west of the Great Dividing Range in the remote Australian Outback.
Print and eBooks to suit all ages - Childrens Stories, Outback Romance & Mysteries, Bush Yarns & Verse, True Tales, Memoirs

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Trekking To The Sunset audio book

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2 Worlds, 1 Life

In 1848, the ill-fated Leichhardt expedition vanished in Outback Australia. Various aboriginal people and the explorer (Andrew Hume) reported one member, Adolph Classen, survived due to the local aboriginal people, He lived among them for the rest of his life. 

Expeditions to the region since 2012 uncovered physical evidence that validates the stories. Covering an area larger than most European Countries, the discoveries tell a remarkable story of survival due to the compassion of the Aborigines, told as a story being passed through the ages. ‘2 Worlds, 1 Life’ provides an account as close to real as possible of what happened to Adolph Classon.

Available in Print and ebook

BloodyHell ebook cover_edited.jpg

Bloody Hell!

How can anyone survive that....
.....and still be alive!!


"Do not lend this book - you will never get it back!"

Alan's book started life as a collection of true stories of his days working at Sydney’s Taronga Park Zoo as a 15-year-old. At this time, relatively innocent in the ways of the world, he had moved from Launceston, Tasmania to the “Big Smoke” (Sydney) by himself. It was only when he began to write down his life’s journey, he realised he had lived an extraordinary life, full of humor and worthy of sharing. Stories to be enjoyed by all told with  typical self-deprecating Aussie humor. 

Available in Print and ebook

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Outback as Never Before, ..or Since

A Romp across the Australian Outback by Three Chooks Helping Others and Enjoying the Adventure

The reader is asked to use imagination as three Chooks- two teenage hens and a rooster, travel across two Australian Outback deserts and return via the Top End, seeking adventure. Initially, they help a friend in need, then travel with various human characters, all with stories to tell. There are no barriers to the communication between the Chooks, various native animals and birds, nor the humans in which they come in contact.  The Chooks have many types of experiences, enjoy hilarious fun, feel the pain that some of their new friends are suffering, and learn of some of the many dramas experienced by those living in the Australian Outback now, and in history. 

Available in Print and ebook

The people of Ireland expected a good potato crop in 1845..but, when it came to digging up the potatoes, there was only a black gooey mess. Thus began The Great Famine. This, along with evictions and sentences of transportation for petty or fabricated crimes, caused millions of Irish to die or to voluntarily or involuntarily take a lengthy, dangerous sea journey to a life in Australia. Join the Slavien’s and Reillys as they face the challenges of life in early Nineteenth Century Ireland . And perhaps just as challenging, life in the new colony of New South Wales, Australia.

An engaging narrative.


Available: in Print and ebook

Book, Trekking to the Sunset, kids with horses

A Horse Trek Adventure

Three children ride through the outback from Western Queensland to the Northern Territory and have some lively adventures along the way.

The story is based on the author's own life in outback Australia.

For: Kids age 8 to 12 years

Reviews - Sophia : Amazing! To me as a German it was very interesting - here, something like this would be impossible - so much so that it would be unbelievable, even in a fiction story.

Susan Mcdonald : Books like this should be in Australian schools. A wonderful aid for teaching children geography and a lovely bush adventure for children.

Available in: Audio, Print and ebook

Book, Flashing Pedals - BMX Action Outback

"Phew Rodney we gunna smell like..."

A one teacher school, a dusty paddock for a sports/rodeo ground, an artesian borehead, close knit families whose kids love thrashing through the scrub on BMX bikes. That is West Siding, a small settlement in the dusty outback.

Join Rodney, Scott, Kevin, Christine, Jack, their bushmen Dads and long suffering Mums as the West Siding BMXers take on the townies. Enjoy the laconic bushmen's humour, reflected in their sons and the relief of Jack's Mother as she sees her uncoordinated, hyperactive little boy with stars in his eyes. For: Age 8 years up

Available in: Print and ebook

Book, Rascal, girl on bicycle, pet emu

Rascal gets into all sorts of mischief


Finding an abandoned emu egg just as it is hatching, Kylie names the chick "Rascal". As he grows, Rascal lives up to his name by getting up to all sorts of mischief. Rascal eventually becomes a very responsible grown up emu.
"Rascal" is based on the writer's caring for an abandoned emu chick  found near Cooper Creek in western Queensland.

For Children age 5 to 9

Reviews - Sophia : What a cute story! It's amazing that it was written by a child. Kylie's profile also touched me very much.

Available in Audio, Print and ebook

Cycling in the Australian Outback

 “We’re not going Ted”, mumbled Billy.  Suddenly the train wheels changed their song to ‘’Running away’’; ‘’Running away’’.  

Three Australian bush kids are alarmed by a plan the Welfare have for their future. By 'flying beneath the radar' of the authorities, they avoid being noticed as missing.
On bicycles they explore the western outback of Queensland and New South Wales, in search of a home where they can live together. Humorous, true to life incidents with plenty of ups and downs.
For - ages 7 to 70. 


Available in: Audio, Print book and ebook

Book, Australian Outback, Refugee neath outback stars..


Jocelyn Price draws on personal experiences (both from life in Afghanistan and as a governess in outback Queensland), to weave a delightful, family-friendly story suitable for all ages. 

When Rashida, an Afghani refugee, takes a position as governess to two high-spirited small boys in the Australian Outback - intrigue, danger, laughter, and love await!

Middle Eastern and Outback Australian cultures collide, secrets are unraveled, threats neutralized, and romance, aided by two irrepressible outback boys, blooms.


Available in: Print and ebook


Book, Twins Sail Into Adventure, Jocelyn Price

The twins are keen naturalists, they plan to sail together with their dog “Lik-lik” to explore an island and the reefs around it. Little do they know that they will be sailing straight into a host of dangers, shipwreck, komodo dragons, giant squid, and most deadly of all, criminals with guns who are determined to keep their secret at all cost.


An exciting read for children age 8 to 13 years. The author lived for many years in just such a part of New Guinea, and the wildlife encounters are based on real life experiences.


Available in: Print and ebook

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Son of Angela


Growing up Catholic in a rural area in Australia in the 1950s, where starting First grade at the local Catholic School was more than just the beginning of formal education. It was above all an initiation into a vast parallel culture.
A memoir of a family of that era in rural Australia, seen through the lens of a boy’s religious conscience. Catholicism encompassed dating, mating, and football playing within an ambient world of symbolism, that defined reality for all who lived in its embrace.

Available in: Print , ebook

Book, Mary's Story, Mary Mitchell, Cunnamulla

....we just got on with life and worked


"At one time, before Jack built the hut at Goonamurra, we lived in a tent down near the river in Eulo behind the pub. We carted the water and had an old tin tub to bath and to do the washing in. There were kero lamps, an open fire and iron bed stretchers. We never thought that it was that bad, living the way we did. "

"The journey has been from Bob’s Hut, a tent and now I have a house, TV, music on CD, phone , electricity and a mobile phone."  "Jack and I made sure the kids had education. That was very important to us both. " "We were a family that did things together, we always sat down to a meal together when we could."

Available in: Print and ebook

Lewie the Little Lamb storybook

Lewie the Little Lamb

Lewie lives on a farm with his Mum, Dad, other lambs, sheep and  Dolly, the dog. Dolly is deaf. Dolly likes to ride in the back of the farm ute. Farmer Joe and Mrs Farmer take care of all the animals.

​Lewie discovers that even though he has a brilliant life on the farm with his mum,dad and all his friends, there will be those who see the world differently to him.

Lewie learns that if he is feeling sad, he should talk with Mum and Dad.
Talking to a friend helps too. Being kind is the best thing to do.

​Available in: Print

Age  3 and up

Fencing Day


Bubble Gum Gully


Pamela (Goodman) Lewis

A family of five live on a farm, two of the children (Archie and Ruby)go with their father and grandfather to fix fences in Bubble Gum Gully.  Pam’s story also includes little life hacks throughout. “I also include things like when you are finished with your little camp fire, make sure you pour water on it, because sand isn’t a good idea.”

Available in: Print

Age  3 and up

Book, Story of a Horse named Embark

Embark is a game little mare who becomes a champion bush racehorse and saves her owner from bankruptcy in the big drought.


However her owner is not at all grateful and when Embark ages he treats her badly.


This is the story of how a penniless bush battler saves the courageous horse and she repays him with loyalty and a great win.


Available in : ebook

Book, Patricia Jones, Memories of the bush

Here are stories of Australian outback life, presented in Patty's unique style of bush verse.

The stories will stir memories for those readers who have experience of a time when telephones and electricity supplies were considered luxury items in remote areas. For others, it will be a glimpse into everyday life of bush families in times a generation or two ago.

Here are snippets of daily life  - enjoyed without luxuries, with never a complaint, a life full of simple joys, happiness and love.


Available in Print and ebook

Book, My Life Story, Neil McDonald

My Life Story - a blueprint for anyone who is considering a memoir for family and friends


Neil tells of his life from childhood through growing up into an adventurous young man  and a pretty fair boxer. His curiousity for life kept him roaming until love settled him down to raising a close knit family.

Full of humour, honesty, a battler's spirituality and a definite lack of 'political correctness' this the sort of book we all should write and have in our family's bookshelf


Available in: Print

My Memories - by Neil McDonald

Coming from a family of ten children, Neil recounts plenty of laugh out loud true tales such as his adventures with electricity, over-full dunny cans, shangis, fireworks and girls !! ...."We were buggers of kids"!...
Moving onto adulthood; marriage; raising livestock - goats, donkeys
, kids and more.
Perils of working as a landscape gardener ..
Meeting with old mates to "wrestle a few wild pigs, trap a few wedge tail eagles to go hang gliding or just sit around bull shitting to one another
".. Laconic, dry humour
, honesty, and a definite lack of 'political correctness' .


Available in: Print and ebook

Book, Lost Boy, Jocelyn Price, Cameron Bell

"A silver lining in the storm clouds of mental illness and suicide"
This book is a mixture of sadness and happiness, indifference and compassion, despair and hope, loss and recovery, lows and highs. These are all part of the shadow world for a person living with mental illness. Told through the veil of a mother’s compassion, dawning consciousness, receptivity, understanding, acceptance and strength to go on in life with peace, we see Cameron as a person with a unique purpose in life, a purpose that is no way diminished by the manner of his death. "


Available in: Print and ebook

Book, Eulo Queen and Other Outback andOpal Stories

The Eulo Queen & Other Outback & Opal Stories is a collection of Australian stories about the frontier life on the opal fields at the turn of the of the century.

​The feature story is of Isabel Gray, (c.1851-1929) - known as the "Eulo Queen".  and described as a " notorious hotelier, Opal collector and advocate. She spoke fluent French and German and had been educated in Switzerland before she arrived in Australia in 1868. "


Available in : ebook

Book, Pinched or Planted, Cattle Stealing

A modern day, outback Australian real-life Whodunnit.


Accused of a crime he did not commit, it appeared as if the system was manipulated to point the finger at Graeme and away from other suspects. The case went to committal and the real perpetrators stood back regardless of the fact that this accusation had the potential to incarcerate Graeme for years. Two mobs of high profile cattle were planted on our property....



Available in Print and ebook

Book, Oh What An Outback Show, Les Pickering

True stories from "a ringer from the top end "


Tales of droving trips over wild country;brave, loyal dogs; bush characters; wild storms; life threatening encounters with saltwater crocodiles; chasing and being chased by enormous feral pigs; country racing capers and more.
In his laconic bushman’s style, Les relates mishaps, adventures & misdemeanours of young men living in the wild untamed Gulf Country of Australia of not so long ago.

Available in: Print 

More true stories told by

a "ringer from the top end"

True stories from the Australian Outback. For six generations the author's family have lived in the tough, wild country of north west Queensland.

Here are some of their never before published experiences. Tales of shootings, explosions, rogue racing, close encounters with crocs, wild bulls, cattle drives, mystery, danger and humor are told with the bushman’s typical understatement of danger and tragedy; and laconic, dry approach to mysteries and humor.

A real good read for those who enjoy true stories of the Australian outback.


Available in : Print and ebook


Books From Friends of Books From The Bush

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LaVoy Finicum - Cowboy

Only by Blood and Suffering: Regaining Lost Freedom - tells of a family's struggle to come together and survive in the midst of national crisis. A stirring, fast-paced novel about what matters most in the face of devastating end-times chaos. Filled with gripping action and relatable characters, readers are drawn into the heart-rending dilemmas each member of the Bonham family faces.  You may even find yourself stopping to ask, "What would I do?"

spine tingling storytelling conveys in graphic detail just how

fragile and precious freedom truly is !


Available in : Print and ebook


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