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Story title - Crossing Borders - Outback Governess

"At one time, before Jack built the hut at Goonamurra, we lived in a tent down near the river in Eulo behind the pub. We carted the water and had an old tin tub to bath in. We had to do the washing in this tub as well. There were kero lamps, an open fire and iron bed stretchers. We never thought that it was that bad, living the way we did. "


"The journey has been from Bob’s Hut, a tent and now I have a house, TV, music on CD, phone , electricity and a mobile phone." 


"Jack and I made sure the kids had an education. That was very important to us both. "


"We were a family that did things together and always sat down to a meal together when we could."

Mary Roberta Mitchell was born in 1938 at a place called Bob’s Hut, Tilbooroo Station, Eulo, Queensland, Australia.


She has lived and worked her whole life around the Cunnamulla/Eulo area.Mary went to Grade 5 at school and has been passionate about Education all her life. She devotes much of her time now to volunteer work and is a regular speaker at the Cunnamulla State School.


Mary is an Elder of the Mardigan Tribe.


'Mary's Story' includes heartache and joy. From total illiteracy to University degrees. From no transportation to cars and jet travel, from not having anything to almost taking it for granted that we all have mobile phones and computers.


 'Mary's Story' available from-

Marg or Jocelyn

Mulga Mob Publishing,

109 Galatea St. Charleville, Qld. 4470

Phone: 07 4654 1616 or Mobile:0417 739 990



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