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Outback Never Before
...or Since


Narelle Fernance

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A brief closer look at who is Narelle Fernance

I have been retired for some years now, previously being in School Admin Manager roles.  My husband, Bob and I live on our mixed farm, on the north coast of New South Wales – semi retired, but still with the usual morning and afternoon farm chores waiting to be attended each day. Our close-knit extended family includes three adult children, their spouses, seven grandchildren and last but not least, great-grandson, Hendrix, now one years old.


For recreation I loved Endurance Horse Riding with my great ‘Thunderbolt’ for quite some years, then took up Three Sheep Dog Trialling with a small team of dogs.  My favourite, Carlie, is now retired into her pet role.  But during the years of camping and competing with horses or dogs, I always enjoyed the company of fellow competitors at these events, and considered the camaraderie to be a compelling factor to continue.

During these years I have also enjoyed researching, and writing novels.  My first, a historic novel, ‘On Roads Most Travelled’, is based on my ancestors’ journey, leaving Ireland and being part of the pioneering scene in Australia in the 19th Century.   Though certainly based on fact, I managed to embellish and twist reality enough to make a somewhat compelling read. 

This, my second novel, ‘Outback, as Never Before... or Since’, is quite different.  Though, once again the story is based on fact, a road trip that I, and members of my extended family, undertook.  But the author asks the reader to use imagination, learn some facts, and think about some of the current social issues, from the point of view of those most affected.

The people that I have met during my travels – overseas and in Australia – and in particular, in the outback, have always given me joy, inspiration and encouragement.  The philosophy of what makes people who they are, is my passionate interest, and I find that even the quietest and the grumpiest have their story to tell – if one takes the time to listen and learn.  It could be said that the characters and amazing incidents I have shared over the years, have given me more than enough material for my novels – some, only if I dared to relate.

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