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Rashida, the West's new governess is a determined young refugee with a secret quest and is unaware that she is being pursued by a dangerous criminal from her recent past.


Middle Eastern and Outback Australian cultures collide, secrets are unraveled, threats neutralized and romance, aided by two small, irrepressible outback boys, blooms.



Originally published as an ebook, "Crossing Borders" has been downloaded many times.

Available from-

Marg or Jocelyn

Mulga Mob Publishing,

109 Galatea St. Charleville, Qld. 4470

Phone: 07 4654 1616 or Mobile: 0497 317 172


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On an outback station in south west Queensland, Steven West, holding the hands of his two sons, contemplates the dry red dirt and mulga scrub. The wisps of high cloud in the morning sky hold no promise of rain.  A tough born and bred bushman, Steven's heart is locked in sorrow since the death of his wife.


The boys, grieving for their mother are nonetheless typical bush kids - mischievous, resourceful, and soft hearted, but too much of a handful for a succession of governesses.


Story title - Crossing Borders - Outback Governess

In her debut novel, Crossing Borders,

Jocelyn Price draws on personal experiences

(both from life in Afghanistan and as a governess

in outback Queensland), to weave a delightful,

family friendly story suitable for all ages. 

Themes of courage, resilience and kindness, underpin the storyline.


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When Rashida, an Afghani refugee, takes on a position as the governess to two high spirited small boys in the Australian Outback - intrigue, danger, laughter and love await!



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