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Road Trip


From Brisbane head west towards the red heart of Australia to the largest town in south west Queensland’s outback. The 750 kilometre journey from Brisbane to Charleville is well travelled, rich in history and natural attractions. Through the market gardens of the Lockyer Valley via the garden city of Toowoomba to the rolling Darling Downs. Take a couple of days for the trip and savour the attractions, people and laid back lifestyle of the various small towns along the way.


RACQ have a super useful tool for road travellers try it here  Route Planner


Safety Note: Be careful if travelling at dusk or early morning as kangaroos can seemingly jump out of nowhere.

Coach Trip


Bus Queensland Coach. On Monday 2nd August 2004, to mark the 150 year commemoration of Cobb & Co Coaches, a coach left Charleville, arriving in Brisbane five days later.   Fortunately the Bus Queensland coach covers the distance from Brisbane to Charleville in a much shorter time.

Travel by Train


Discover the pioneering spirit of Queensland’s famous outback onboard The Westlander. Experience the luxury of travelling at a leisurely pace on a scenic journey from Brisbane  across the Great Dividing Range and through the rich farmlands of the Darling Downs to Charleville. Enjoy a comfortable journey in your choice of seat or seat/sleeper, as you relax and watch the striking scenery pass you by.


This traveller's experience is well worth a read.

Fly In


Facilities: Plenty of free parking at Charleville airport. Cafe, taxi and hire cars available.


Qantas often have cheap flights from Brisbane to Charleville and Charleville to Brisbane


Rex Regional Express have flights from Brisbane and Toowoomba to Charleville and beyond.


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