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(A novelette)

When Sam's grandfather sends her to the Top End country of Australia to survey the suitability of a tourist safari business, she little expects to meet hostility from the local ranger assigned to show her around.  Fretting over a broken relationship, Neil is in no mood to play nursemaid to the boss's granddaughter...
An injured black cockatoo bridges the gap between the pair and slowly through sharing the magic of the pristine country of the Australian Top End, romance grows.


Available in: Print and ebook

Book, Top End Romance - Australian Romance
Book, Lost Boy, Jocelyn Price, Cameron Bell

"A silver lining in the storm clouds of mental illness and suicide"
This book is a mixture of sadness and happiness, indifference and compassion, despair and hope, loss and recovery, lows and highs. These are all part of the shadow world for a person living with mental illness. Told through the veil of a mother’s compassion, dawning consciousness, receptivity, understanding, acceptance and strength to go on in life with peace, we see Cameron as a person with a unique purpose in life, a purpose that is no way diminished by the manner of his death. "


Available in: Print and ebook